My work as a photographer based in Slovakia means the world to me.

Catching your precious moments or making the food looks fab… is what makes me happy.

I´m not much of a writer but I can bake. I publish my recipes from our countryside house at

I design unique kitchenware for foodstyling and photography. Just press SHOP in the menu.

For work inquiries please contact me at or say hi at +421 918 666 128


 Work ethics

 Let´s be humans

We are all the same. Let´s not forget it. We all crave equality, love and freedom in what we do. Please set me free and tolerate my work ethics. I ask a lot of questions, to get to know you and your desires. I create drafts, notes, moodboards and even backdrops for you. Me and my portable studio travels almost anywhere. I want you to be happy with the result. This is my main goal. I feel big responsibility for my work and fair business.

How many pictures will you receive?

Creative work is hard to limit. Exact amount is a subject of agreement and is always recorded in the order. You will never receive raw pictures without any retouch.

My personal minimum

Portrait – 10

Family / Lifestyle – 20

Food / Food – 30

Event / Restaurant – 100 pictures ish


Photography covers much more than shooting for a few hours. Time on each commission can be devided into planning, scene preparation, (when it comes to food – cooking/baking/foodstyling) photoshooting and several hours of postprocess. It´s a full time job like any other. I will help, if I can, but I have restricted all barter cooperations to 1 per year.

In 2019 I´m fully booked for barters:) Feel free to try it next year.


For all commertial orders, please fill out the form and send it via email to You can download order form here.


Day of photoshoot…YAY!!! It´s so important to feel confident and comfy. Wear something you really like and put a smile on your face. If you´re not sure…black for smart, white for tranquility, grey for urban feel, pastels for cute, bright colours for vibrant. If you are a food or product, I make you look delicious and at your best. So easy to be food…huh? Photography can take up to 3 hours. Short after shooting day I will send you preview of the pictures in PDF file to choose from. Selected pictures will be retouched. You will receive the final pictures in electronic form, unless you wanted printed version. 

Law is here for everyone

All photos are subject to copyright and property of a photographer and may not be used for commercial purposes, promote or sell to a third party without the written consent of the author. Photographed persons can use the photos freely for their non-commercial personal presentation.


Just give yourself time, think through your personal style, open your heart…and call me for advise and individual pricing…


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